Music Video Packages

As a singer and live performer, videos are visually attractive, and keep your listeners and fans involved. You are often asked to provide live performance pieces for auditions, and to music industry specialists.

We provide all types of videos for each specific requirement.

We can also customise bespoke video packages to suit specific wants and needs on a budget. For example - Venue hire for larger videos, Dancers, actors, sets and props. Story boards for professional music videos can also be discussed and put together. For more information please contact us.

Video Option 1

  • 1 ANGLE

Video Option 2

  • 3 ANGLES

Video Option 3


The Bus Stop Sessions

Charthouse Music Bus Stop Sessions

This is a great chance for you to sing live at our quirky bus stop! Whether you are a solo singer or in a band you can show case your talent here. We’ve built a rustic set that’s like no other, ready for talented artists to perform in.

Our team film and edit the video to a professional standard. We can also provide a pianist or a guitarist to accompany you. The video is uploaded onto the Bus Stop Youtube channel.

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Bus Stop Sessions

  • If you are looking for amazing recordings and an equally cutting edge video to accompany, please contact us and have your chance at THE BUS STOP.