Have you recorded your music, and are now in need of a professional mixing engineer? Charthouse Music can provide the expertise and experience that your music needs, prior to Mastering with our audio mixing service. It takes a great mix to create an excellent master.

ChartHouse Music will not only take your track to the next level sonically, but with the array of vintage desks and hardware, we will help bring your track to life. After our producers have perfected your track it will have warmth, punch, dynamics, and most of all balance.

There are some great songs out there which will never reach their full potential, due to a bad mix, and that's where we can help!

We offer a flexible pricing that will help your track get the mix and master it deserves at a cheap price, without compromising on quality. Sessions are generally charged by the hour, but discount packages and cheap rates for block bookings are also available.

Our experienced engineers have worked in every genre of music, and with a wealth of famous (and not so famous) names. Your masters will have more presence, weight and will sound perfect for digital distribution, CD and radio.

Service Includes

  • Volume Balancing
  • Vocal tuning
  • Equalization
  • Dynamic Compression
  • Effects Treatment
  • Automation
  • Mastering
  • 3 Mix Revisions

Final Delivery Includes

  • 16bit 44.1khz WAV File
  • 320kbs mp3 File
  • Main Mix
  • PA Mix
  • Instrumental
  • Clean Edit (If needed)